Wednesday, December 22, 2004

BeyondTV funding

To pay video producers for content (token amount) 10 pond min 30min a day for 3 years we need pound 46,800

Wages full time 3 people 25,000 x 3 = 75,000 x 3 years = 225,000 Wages part time 2 people 12.500 x 3 = 25,000 x 3 = 75,000

So 50,000 on content, 300,000 on staff for 3 years core funding

Office and capital equipment?

It would be easy to raise the million dollars for core funding for 3 years... we have the vision, the technology and the content. Do we have the organising and commitment to bring it off. The is a crying need (and more importantly financial resources) to make it happen.

these guys are spot on!

Have looked through this list of funders

got too number 50 if some one won’t to look through the rest (:

We just need to do a general letter to spam out and see what comes back… ps they are all completely politically incorrect (;


These look interesting as they fund tec? But not shore were they fund?

looks good but needs a personal invite? Not shore geography?

probably not… us based

probably not… us based?


eastern Europe and US?

looks good seam to fund tec/media

Spot on they fund 5.5 million a year media stuff

dose media

Maybe but hard to tell

UK based funding