Monday, February 26, 2007

The question of power?

Did you ever wonder about Solar video editing, here is a page about one of my trips to the beach for a month to edit a film on Solar power:

Have a look here for folding solar panels

Here is a good web sight for battery's for your Solar experience:

It works (:

Sound and Video

H4 - Handy Recorder

This looks interesting for film making, a WAV/MP3 recorder that works and isent too expensive.

Though the are still some problems with the user interface so would hang back till version 2

More info Here

Saturday, February 24, 2007

IPTV update

Good posts summing up state of video online from the point of view of the "major players"

RSS as a TV channel?

The use of RSS feeds as TV channels in democracy player really isent working as the just isent anufe content on any one RSS feed to have any connection to the look and feel of a traditional TV channel. The use of “one click installs” provides a much better metaphor for the look and feel of traditional TV. One install will bring in 5-10 RSS feeds on the subject of the “channel” including a feed that provides the look and feel of traditional TV that is the in-betweens logos and coming next week teasers etc.

We hope to be producing a custom skin for Democracy player that will make this happen. But the use of a single RSS feed terminology throughout the app is a bit of an obstical to creating a co-hirent look and feel. Anyone any ideas how to change this? Please post comments (:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New program torrent

check out our latist adition of underreview: Our pirate finds the edge in animation, videos, websites and other media. This show shows the hilarious Bush & Blair love duet and the Voice from Johan Soderberg. Produced by undercurrents

The torrent is here

Monday, February 05, 2007

Source 'n' Chips (Show 01)

A show giving a grassroots expert insight into technology.

Presented by Hamish Campbell of Undercurrents UK we follow him as he uses solar power to edit a film on the beach and explores peer to peer TV.

click here for torrent file

Friday, February 02, 2007

More to be programed

We need a budget to pay a programmer a $ bounty to write this, $250 might do it.

Customized Democracy Player install

We need to customize the Democracy Player app by making it much less like a computer app and more like TV.

* Take out the menus, channel bar and the search box in the default view

* add a button “TIVO” at the bottom corner that returns DP to the current interface state.

Thus as a defaults install you get a TV box with a VCR controls that starts a Channel template play list when you hit the on-button.

You can get interactive TV by clicking on the on the “TIVO” button.

We don’t use the word TIVO anyone think of a better icon-word.

Programing to be done

We need a budget to pay a programmer a $ bounty to write this, $500 should do it.

The Playlist generator

We need a generalized set of set of rules so we can tweak them, its important NOT to write hard coded solution otherwise it will not work.

Loads all the meta data into a database then parses a channel template through the database of content meta data to create a “fuzzy logic” playlist every time you press the play button.

- with hardcode play links

- subject and gonra

- quality

- etc....

When you press the play button it creates a playlist depending on what time/day you are in the channel template so that you can have a full 7 day schedule.

* We need some way of “embedding” the video meta data into the video file or RSS feed?

* We need a way of creating a channel template – we need a data format

* We need a playlist generator which takes the meta data from the videos and the template and creates the playlist.