Monday, March 07, 2005

Nice e-mail from the un-mediated crew

Hi guys,

I just wanted to make sure that Joshua and Jay and the other DigitalBicycle folks are in touch with Holmes and Geoff at Downhill Battle. They just got funded to start a big open source effort to make an application that plays video gathered from feeds, in a really usable way--something that I know DigitalBicycle is well on the way to realizing. And it seems the BeyondTV people have a similar vision, though I haven't actually met or talked to any of them.

IMO, it makes no sense to have all these projects going on in parallel, so I'm hoping that they can join like Voltron. Make it so!

Relevant links:

Digital Bicycle

Ant | Not TV

Downhill Battle

Blog Torrent


Indymedia Video Distribution Network

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Working Implantations – P2PTV

Excellent explanation of how our technology is supposed to work - always nice to see that some one has done it first (:

Another serviceable implantation – though it seams to suffer from pop up ads. This one is slick.

What technologies dose this use -IFILM
IFILM offline TV by another name?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Welcome to Brightcove - P2P TV

Welcome to Brightcove

The are numerous internet TV start ups at the moment this one has a good description of why this is important - the is very much a new dotcom bubble - as always the is little idea of where the content or money will come from. what every one is realising is that the technology is suddenly working.

This BEyONdTV project has been languishing in the voluntary sector for more than 6 month with little to show for it but a smattering of non committed crew. And a alpha prototype…

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We are runing a test on the P2P offlineTV project (2ed March 05)

Hi BEyONdTV crew,

Its going slow but we are getting there... One of the main problems seams to be a dysfunctional idea of a division of labour - ie. Every one seams to think I should do everything - as I am pretty useless at many things its no wonder it is going so slow... If you wona see something miracles happen you gota wave year arms around a bit and mutter some arcane words... Go on you can do something... Just look at the blog page to see what (: making the blog page more accessible and clearer would be a good start (;


Can you click on this link and follow the resulting instructions at 8.00 (GMT) this evening. This is to test the stability and speed of Jijjer a possible alternative to bittorrent as the P2P back end of the project.

You will have to install some software but it will tell you what to do (:

We need to do a real world test!?