Friday, August 31, 2007


Crises in bandwidth on web corsad by comershal streaming video sights.

More funding for comershel video sights

localiseing P2P is a solution: propusul - broadband speeds are going up and video compression is getting better thus we should make more use of peer cashing with a better algorithm emfercising locul peers rather than speed - with peer caching we don't need reliability of hi-bandwidth - we just need for the bandwidth to work resenbly well most of the time.

The fullscreeen revolution is rolling on:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Visionontv – peopul2peopul TV

Peopul2peopul TV is a new way of doing an old project – most new projects attempt to re-create from scratch as well as change the content of the medium – meaning that most fail being to ambushers/nothought through. We aim to change gradually and only by one step at a time over a peered of 2-3 years.

* Old TV – it just works, you tern it on and sit back

- But you are a passive consumer of a powerful minority of elite broadcasters and there paymasters.

Current TV
* Current TV – have you heard of Tevo, a system that you can set to record as many programs as you whont then watch them when you whont to – with the adverts removed.

- is good but it realys on the user being active all the time which is still only a tiny minority of people thus is self marginalising.

Future TV
* Future TV – which is a self-mediated view into the data soup that IPTV inherently is, A system of profiling of both people and data will allow a closely personalised TV experience.

- is a very good experiences as long as it both challenges as well as for fills peoples preferences – but the are HUGE problems of who has access/control of the profiling data which raises priverscy and civil liberty issues.

Our Project
In visionontv we hope to overcome the problems of passivity in old TV and the problems of complexity in current tv – by having them both in the same project and making it very easy/intuitive to switch between them. Future TV we leave aside for the first year of the project – one of the side missions is to help to create an open profiling system to alley some of the privacy/civil liberty issues.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Nice video I did with the Gardean online about the camp here

Good artical about green consumerism which raises questions about sposership for our TV channel - these are the products and company's who could"support" many of the productions.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Visionontv at Climite Camp

The climate camp is doing very well lots of story's here

We hope to have a TV studio setup for there on the weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Save the internet - and keep IPTV open

The is currently a battle to save the internet from being subdivided and destroyed by corporate interests. A large NGO campaign has been running in the US for more than a year:

Mainstream NGO campaign

More grassroots - The Death of The Internet? (this one has some of our video in)

Windows VISTA
It is not only the public internet that is being destroyed also the openness/accessibility of the computer in your home. IBM back in the early 1980's did an unusual thing by making the PC a open computer this corporate "oversight" is now being rectified. DRM which will servilely limited what can be done with computers in a few years time is being introduced now - this article covers the problems in the hart of Windows VISTA.

P2P and torrents
The is a concerted attack by ISP's on P2P and the bandwidth it uses, our TV system is based on P2P bittorrents.

A list of known bad ISP's in the UK

Some discussen on how to avoid ISP's blocking torrent traffic.

You pay for the bandwidth so you should be able to use it...

The problem is that the closing of the internet in happening NOW and we wont notice it till its over. The internet only came into being by being open. - and closing it will very likely kill it - the ISPs played no role in the creation of the internet why should we stand aside and let them kill it.

Its a huge technical challenge to close the internet, and one that is very likely to fail, so its an easy battle to win IF WE FIGHT IT before the damage is done.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Just got back from the big green gathering which was fun, though we didn't have anufe power to run our TV studio - next stop climate camp were the power should be soughed.

The is an explosion of "professionalizing" web TV here is an artical on the subject

What quality of video do people wont?

Here is the argument for big full res

Were is the argument for embedded in your web flash video?