Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Visionontv – peopul2peopul TV

Peopul2peopul TV is a new way of doing an old project – most new projects attempt to re-create from scratch as well as change the content of the medium – meaning that most fail being to ambushers/nothought through. We aim to change gradually and only by one step at a time over a peered of 2-3 years.

* Old TV – it just works, you tern it on and sit back

- But you are a passive consumer of a powerful minority of elite broadcasters and there paymasters.

Current TV
* Current TV – have you heard of Tevo, a system that you can set to record as many programs as you whont then watch them when you whont to – with the adverts removed.

- is good but it realys on the user being active all the time which is still only a tiny minority of people thus is self marginalising.

Future TV
* Future TV – which is a self-mediated view into the data soup that IPTV inherently is, A system of profiling of both people and data will allow a closely personalised TV experience.

- is a very good experiences as long as it both challenges as well as for fills peoples preferences – but the are HUGE problems of who has access/control of the profiling data which raises priverscy and civil liberty issues.

Our Project
In visionontv we hope to overcome the problems of passivity in old TV and the problems of complexity in current tv – by having them both in the same project and making it very easy/intuitive to switch between them. Future TV we leave aside for the first year of the project – one of the side missions is to help to create an open profiling system to alley some of the privacy/civil liberty issues.