Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For all climate campers: Citizen TV Reporter Training

Saturday 24th July 2010
10am-6pm Come and meet everyone and watch some films at 7pm on Friday 23rd July

Where: Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh
EH1 1EYCost: Free / donationPlaces are limited, so please fill in the application form opposite. Lack of experience is no barrier. Commitment to
making social change with video is much more important!

Video Training for Social Change

Make the news you don't see on the news.

visionOntv has created easy
templates for rapid-turnaround citizen
video news reports.

These reports can be made by absolute beginners, or by people with skills
but little time.

Make watchable and effective films for the widest possible audience.

Our training programme is bold and unique. We have taken away the obstacles
to making effective films by radically simplifying the whole process. Come
to the workshop to learn how to make fast-turnaround video news reports. Our
production templates will enable you to make films with whatever equipment
you already possess. You can even make videos with no camera at all!

Please bring the items of portable recording equipment you have - video
camera, stills camera, mobile phone, laptop computer. We will use them
during the workshop.
Please note: to complete your productions, an extra session on Sunday
morning (in a local cafe) may be necessary.

A joint production with Undercurrents.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Balloon Power

This 5 minuet clip is an excerpt from a longer documentary which started in January 2010 and is a work in progress. During a 2 week workshop at London's Tate Modern entitled 'Disobedience Makes History' (labofii) which was discussing the links between art and civil disobedience. The gallery attempted to censor the content and police the course. Incensed by the hypocrisy and passionately moved to speak out against sponsorship by BP, the participants made a series of art interventions aimed at opening debate on this issue and encouraging Tate to drop BP by 2012 in time for the opening of Tate Modern 2. Film by Sharon Salazar/sound by the bad sound faery/music by Phill Garwood/music by Carbon Town Cryers/dobroide sea waves/inchandney clifftop seabirds/robinhood underwater bubbles/the freesound project.

Monday, June 14, 2010

visionOntv has some funding

Money has made us more cheerful, but still slow, we are held up with some technology not being finished yet to move to the next stage. But the money has allowed us to build much more soled foundations - so feeling better to be building on better foundations.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rebooting the news

This is a really good resource on the future of news

Its a mix of Journalism and technology - think understandable for non-techs. Jay Rosen NY journalism prof and Dave Winer who invented bloging and RSS.

These guys have good view into the transition that is happening.

To Qik or not to Qik

QIK is live streaming from phone to web, It has the advantage that a low quality video is then available on the Qik website (they have rss so can be used in aggregations).

* The disadvantage is that you don’t have to think - just tern on and spray wobbly-cam with verbal meandering.

For outreach journalism we prefer shoot then upload - as then you have time to review it

* BUT in an emergency - or very dramatic moment then Qik is appropriate as the video is on the web NOT ON YOUR PHONE which is a good thing if your phone is confiscated or smashed.

So 1% of time (dramatic/dangerous) Qik is useful - 99% of the time it’s better to shoot and store local on device then review and upload to push up production values.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Video - Violations of trade union rights are endemic

Reporting trade union rights violations around the world

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Diffrent point of view

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Were is the Alt-media?

The alt-news world is almost completely exorbed by the old-media, but now can the old media survive the failer of its advertising model it self. Its looking to me with no alternative left we might just have to build it agen.

For background on this

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Swansea - Billboard Response to Israeli Flotilla Massacre

Early in the morning of May the 31th 2010, the Israeli Navy attacked an Aid Flotilla bound for GAZA and killed 16 people and wounded more than 50. This film is the reaction of some Swansea citizens.