Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I recently brock my sholder bone while flying a BIG kite.

Here is the exray, hummm not so good, might have to have a metal plate to bring it back togather.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Got to re-think a littel the implantation of the project

The original idea is still sound, but the path has changed.

To create a coherent TV look and feel out of all the jumble of Creative commons video content out there….

* there is enough content spread about

* the software tools exist – BM and DP

* the producers for new content exist – every thing from film students to activists to archives

How to add value to this and make a sustainable living from it for the content producers?

First thing to realize is that few successful dotcoms had a way to make money when they started out… the profit either came from selling out to a bigger company or by bringing in profit making in later to monetarise their user base. So with this in mind the key to dotcom success is lots of users very quickly – this is done by business buzz and good user interface design. Good content is of course essential as well.

One of the key ideas is to take something that people already use – such as a book shop and put it online – such as Amazon – or a public auction such as e-bay. The key to these two company success was that they used users interaction to create value. By reviewing and recommending in the case of amazon and interactive trust building in the case of e-bay.

Nobody has achieved this yet with online video – youtube and its copycat sights are a early precursor of this development. What they don’t do is use an existing working model – they are just the web with video, no more. The big success will be the one who provides reliable full screen SD (or HD) video. For our project the key to success is TV like look and feel environment so that the user just turns on and sits back.

This is not to say that all the interaction of IP TV shouldn’t be there just that for IP TV to outreach beyond a tecky getto the is a need to give people what they are used to – just as Amazon gave people a book shop and e-bay and on-line auction – visonontv aims to be the cross over that gives people TV.

Nobody else is doing this:

* teckys are hopeless at creating what people will use

* TV people are wrapped up in their high paid dog eats dog world of statues

* new media is just that innovating rather than evolving thus misses more than it hits

* activist are inward looking ghetto people – and most wouldn’t see a new idea if it hit’em on the nose.


We have the software, we have the content, we have the expertise.


We need funding and commitment – and to build/nurture a global network of producers. We need some people to sieve the global CC video output for content

Most importantly we need channel branding segments/inserts and logos.


We don’t need any new hardware – we have it already.

We shoot and edit standard wide-screen DV and broadcast in 800x480P web HD in a standard MP4 format – this will be equal or better than tradition digital TV (which uses and outdated MPG2 format and very limited bandwidth). For archive we use 640x480P MPG4 format.