Friday, December 16, 2005

Workshop on P2P TV

This is the notes from a workshop I facilitated at the beyondTV festival in Swansea

P2P TV a working mass media?

This workshop will be broken into 2 half’s the first half will deal with the practicalities and possibilities of online “broadcast” alt-media. The second on making such media folled by Q&A.


How to distribute your video to 200,000 people. Look at an example of a group already doing it:

These are mainstream people intervening into subcultures so they can open them up to mainstream corporate products and services.

Look at the technologies involved and the resources available.


One key to getting a video shown is to make video people like to watch, surprisingly considering the amount of effort people put in to making video few video makes have this as a high priority. The question is who are the ordnance? Some key things here are:

- story telling

- production values

- a subject that isn’t gazing at its navel, rather it is engaging and looking at the world as many people see it rather than a tiny minority, by doing this you can allow them the possibility to see different views.

* show the tutorial films in the CurrentTV sight to highlight good production values, discussion after each one.

Key technologies

Bit torrent


Broadband always on technology.

Key websites

More interesting stuff

Issues that were brought up during the workshop

copy left – creative commons

encoding for web and on disc

wikypedia – look at

inclusive and real outreach

DVD and ruffcuts

Hamish Campbell