Tuesday, July 11, 2006

offlineTV BETA is up and running

An update on the offlineTV project, the testing is going very well - we have had around 100 users and it just works, now we need to try with 1,000 which should work better - recone our current setup will scale to 10,000 with no problem and probely 100,000 with a little more infrustructer. Its looking like the tecnolagy can be a HUGE secsess - but the are still a lot of organisational and funding problems which need thinking about and soughting.

The Revolution in Internet TV (BETA)

Oxford activists Hamish Campbell and Richard Hering from Undercurrents have kick-started a radical TV station called OfflineTV. It uses the revolutionary new peer-to-peer open source project Democracy Player.

OfflineTV is innovative because it brings together a number of tried and tested technologies (P2P, RSS, broadband) to make a really user-friendly internet TV interface. It has the capacity to scale from hundreds to thousands and hundreds of thousands viewers in full-screen quality. The other crucial thing is the content: the best of politically radical underground video on direct action, social justice, and the environment. This version is now beta-testing.

Two channels are already up and running:

To watch these channels, download Democracy Player
(http://www.getdemocracy.com/) Then search for Undercurrents inside Democracy Player and subscribe to each channel.

OfflineTV (http://www.undercurrents.org/OfflineTV/library.php?i=2) - a quality-controlled screening of the best of what's out there in radical cyberspace.

News from the Balkans
(http://www.undercurrents.org/OfflineTV/library.php?i=4) - the first regional network of what will hopefully be many similar networks around the world. NfB gives a radical voice to this region which is so mis-reported by the corporate media. This project is being launched out of the video workshops in the EYFA Art and Activism caravan, but we hope to create a permanent network of radical film makers posting regular reports.

And calling all video activists: if you've got a funky report about anything anywhere, post it to the Scratch Channel

Please post this around your networks to get radical video out there.