Monday, September 27, 2004

Using a browser

The existing VB app (which I promise to fix soon!) has a 2Mb installer, which you have to download, unzip and, well, install. It takes up space in the start menu, and it only works in Windows.
Everything that app does can be done equally easily in Javascript. If we adopt this approach, then:

  • Users will only need to download and install Azureus, not the viewer as well.

  • The viewer can be made to look just like the VB app, but the code can be altered by just hacking the HTML - no need to rebuild and re-distribute the application, changes and bug-fixes will affect all users immediately.

  • The Javascript viewer could (probably) be written to figure out that the Windows Media Player isn't available, and use something like MPlayer instead - thus making the Javascript player platform-independent.

    If you aren't convinced, I suppose I'll have to write it and show you!

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