Saturday, January 01, 2005

The program guide

This is another one of the potentially revolutionary parts of the project. Every day half an hour of short films will be added with 1-2 longer documentaries each week. With in 6 months with the extensive use of archive features this will quickly become a huge repository of activist media from around the world. The P2P nature of the project means that individuals and groups can easily setup “mirrors” to host the video’s, this combined with creative commons license will create a very real “center” for people wonting to add to and/or access the work of alt-media groups.

The program guild will grow into a download on demand TV resources which with decentralised nature of the database will avoid the problem of a single point of failer. This is not a complex sight with a wiz bang interface rather a simple database with a “user defined front end” as with every thing involved in the project it’s a “keep its stupidly simple TM”. This database should be in a very stable “standard” format.

Social centers could use this database as a “videoshop” to burn videos compaltions onto CD’s and DVD’s, these could be given away or sold as a fundraiser. This will give people who do not have access to broadband access and would nurture public screeninings which are currently the most successful form of activist media outreach.

These “videoshops” would also act as mirrors for the project adding to the de-centralised robustness of the project.

Basic views on the database:

  • by channel
  • By date
  • By subject
  • Production group
  • Keyword search

Each video would have meta-data, description, translated subtitles and space for user comments much like a blog.


The database would have to have a connected website to deal with the “Open translation” side of the project.

Link to (tobe added)

Bens page

Indymedia page

European newsreels page