Monday, January 24, 2005

Project outline - Plugin's

The whole project is based on plugging together different bits of existing technology in a stupidly simple tec way and quite clever political way.

Version 1–2 geek level

Azurase - handles all the backend

  • RSS plug-in handles communication and meta data (or maybe data embedded in media? Or both?)
  • Blog with RSS feed handles rowr broadcast
  • Headline story’s meta data – handles news content

Version 3–4 user level

  • Undecided P2P app handles backend
  • RSS handles communication and meta data -Program guide database handles rowr broadcasting
  • Headline story’s and user preferences handle news content
  • Program guide handles archive and download on demand video catalogue.

The program guide has no front end it is simply a data base which can be searched by bullion commands. The links page is the same – no front end.

The front end for each are different applications, made by different teams. This is a technical and political part of the project – they will do a much better job and will then have a strong sense of ownership. Thus commitment which they won’t have if we brand it

We need something that can feed commands to apps, an installer, some coded modules, and then lots of script files saved as text.ini which can change the config?

How would you do it in such a way that it all remains very configurable and pluggable...