Monday, February 14, 2005

Project keeps stalling...

The has been much talk about DRM and adverts in this project – The idea is to create an open “universal TV” standard not an NGO/activist ghetto – to do this we need traditional commercial media in side rather than outside. In the standard install adverts and DRM will not be part of the project – they will only be plugged in if users install a “commercial channel”.

This discussion is actually only a waist of breath, and a miss understanding of what copy-left means, as it is an open sources project thus if it is successful, and we are attempting to make it so (; it is OPEN for any forces both capitalist and progressive to use this is what OPENESS is about – we are not childish anufe to think we can dictate to others like many progressive projects attempt and fail to do.

It's really important to notice that ALL progressive and mainstream internet TV projects have failed. To be successful we need to continue to think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

* P2P


* Stupidly simple

* active/passive TV metaphor

* Open media guide