Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We are runing a test on the P2P offlineTV project (2ed March 05)

Hi BEyONdTV crew,

Its going slow but we are getting there... One of the main problems seams to be a dysfunctional idea of a division of labour - ie. Every one seams to think I should do everything - as I am pretty useless at many things its no wonder it is going so slow... If you wona see something miracles happen you gota wave year arms around a bit and mutter some arcane words... Go on you can do something... Just look at the blog page to see what (: making the blog page more accessible and clearer would be a good start (;


Can you click on this link and follow the resulting instructions at 8.00 (GMT) this evening. This is to test the stability and speed of Jijjer a possible alternative to bittorrent as the P2P back end of the project.

You will have to install some software but it will tell you what to do (:

We need to do a real world test!?