Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New P2P TV projects

Its looking like the Main-stream capitalists are getting in on the act, this is BETA testing:

A good looking half way house open sources but for mainstream content:

Problem with the backbone of the internet and the shortsighted nature of the corporate Tec development:

The alt-development by is looking good but is somewhat stalled from bugs and feature creep:

Is the democratic sieving of internet video – it is a good idea and functions – but the needs to be versions that concentrate on different subjects otherwise the soft porn and comedy will dominate and hid more in-depth content. Currently I don’t think it is open sources so people can’t use the code base to do there own version.

This is the broadcast app – agen it is good and well thought out, but is too buggy to use and the is no date for the next upgrade/bug fix. As it stands it is useless for publishing any thing but a test channel.

Is the player app, the last two version have been too buggy to use, the current one is more functional but doesn’t seam to function with the companion broadcast mashion app. Its basic functionality is good but seams to be suffering form feature creep.

Problems with soft porn and lack of substances to most channels, the idea of RSS feeds being traditional TV channels isn’t really working as the just isn’t anufe content to fill a secdual on any one channel – so the need to be a playlist generator which takes all the different channels and creates with a templated traditional TV look and feel.