Friday, February 02, 2007

Programing to be done

We need a budget to pay a programmer a $ bounty to write this, $500 should do it.

The Playlist generator

We need a generalized set of set of rules so we can tweak them, its important NOT to write hard coded solution otherwise it will not work.

Loads all the meta data into a database then parses a channel template through the database of content meta data to create a “fuzzy logic” playlist every time you press the play button.

- with hardcode play links

- subject and gonra

- quality

- etc....

When you press the play button it creates a playlist depending on what time/day you are in the channel template so that you can have a full 7 day schedule.

* We need some way of “embedding” the video meta data into the video file or RSS feed?

* We need a way of creating a channel template – we need a data format

* We need a playlist generator which takes the meta data from the videos and the template and creates the playlist.