Thursday, May 17, 2007


We need Programmers:

* Re-skin Democracy player application and create a one click install.
* Write a play list generator plugin for Democracy Player
* Create an RSS widget to place on friendly websites to promote the channel and inform people about what's on.
* Do web development and help with the backend tools

We need video-makers:
* Include your films, chat shows, docs on Vision On. Encode at high resolution and upload to

We need researchers:
* Trawl the web to find great videos
* Network with other filmmakers to find new content each week.

Dreams for later
* Create a working open source video editing package
* Subtitle the videos into your language

Customized Democracy Player V1.00 install with VisiononTV skin

Democracy player is a GPL app currently in BETA testing near to launch (ver 0.95) The majority of the code is cross platform Python with platform specific front ends for Windows, OS X, and GTK/X11. The core of the GUI is written in cross platform HTML, but we strive for a native look and feel on each platform. We leverage free software projects wherever we can -- VLC, Xine, Bit Torrent, and Mozilla just to name a few.

We need to customize the Democracy Player app by making it less like a computer app and more like TV.

* Take out the menus, channel bar and the search box in the default install view.

* add a button "Guide" at the bottom corner that returns this functionality to DP app.

Thus as a default install you get a TV box with a VCR controls that starts a Channel template play list (to be written) when you hit the Play-button.

You can get interactive TV by clicking on the on the "Guide" button.

- need to change the app name to visonontv
- need to update the help in the menus to add a donation for visonontv link and a offlineTV help option. leaveing the credits to PCF
- in preferences we need to tern on by default: the auto run and the bit torrent download speed limiter.
- Make the tag visionontv the default view in the channel guide
- take out the auto update feature.

Video compression for VisiononTV on Macs

How to make a video for vtv on a Macintosh

Final Cut Pro

Set beginning and end point

Select whole project - using selection tool drag a lasso over the whole project

Effects / video filters / video / deinterlace

File / export / using quicktime conversion

Save box - format - mpg4

Options - File format - mpg4 isma (not that one) - choose mpg4 (NOT isma)

Video settings - video format - h.264

Datarate - 1600

Image size - custom

640 x 480 for 4:3

800 x 480 for 16:9

Do not click “preserve aspect ratio”

Framerate - change to current

Keyframes - automatic

Video options - best quality

Audio settings - AAC

Datarate - 128 kbps

Channels - stereo

Output sample rate - 48khz


Give filename and save


File / Export / Quicktime - compress movies for expert settings


Then do as above.