Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Media Activism needs to go Mainstream

Much of what “media activists” are doing looks kianda irrelevant as the is a real-revolution going on out there which has nothing to do with the small activist cereals and alt-tec projects. The shaping of the future of information and entertainment is being decided by the new breed of dot-com pioneers in the apartments of NYC and San Francisco.

This so called “web2 revolution” is really the original web as envisioned before being dumbed down and killed by stumbling corporate client server Internet imposed on us the past 10 years. The next year or two the resurrection of the original peopul2peopul internet has the capacity to free us from the embrace of the decaying corpses of rotting mega-portals.

The question for me is – are we interested in shaping part of this – or are we happy in the ghetto scene? If we don’t act we have to fight more stinking zombies as they are just going to keep on stumbling outa the crypt of corporate-culture.