Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is Undercurrents latest project all about?

Vision On Tv is a new Peer to Peer Tv channel distributed across the net. Rather than YouTube style low resolution clips, you can receive DVD quality films, chat shows, and more automatically every day. We are aiming to have the look and feel of television rather than a computer interface. Vision On will promote the radical as well as the daft, serious and possibly even sports. We want to appeal to a wide section of people and then introduce them to activism.

Vision On will have eco-direct action news, progressive technology review shows, mad cabaret acts, festival and alternative video/music reviews and series about Bushcraft and another about Eco Villages.

If you want to be inspired tune into Vision on TV.

This is a nonprofit DIY project and anyone can add their own outreach films to the open publishing channel.

Our slogan
When our world,
is based on lies,
We aim to open your eyes,
Though you need more than eyes to see,
You need vision.

How you can get involved

We need people to get involved and join the Beta Testing of the software during our testing week May 7-13th 2007.

Undercurrents believes this could be the future of video on the web so please help.

1.Go to our website
2.Click on the V install button.
3.Download our open source video player application (say yes to the questions it asks). Your PC/MAC will need to be fairly new- 2 or 3 years old) to run it.
4. You will have a choice of films and shows. Click on any film you like and hey presto- you have joined the Video revolution!

So tune in and become part of the media - Vision On TV is launching JULY 2007

Technical stuff

The project highlights the best of open source software and working practices.

Uses open source applications
-Broadcast machine - which uses blog-Torrent
-Democracy player - which embeds firefox, VLC and open torrent code.
-Azureus and Vuze: one of the most successful open source P2P hosting clients around.

Open standards
Creative Commons

Archive- Vision On will combine lots of original content from undercurrents with the best from the Creative Commons video from around the world. We hope to create a real alternative to traditional mainstream TV in full screen DVD quality to 100,000 people via a scaleable and tested torrent technology.

The long term aim of the project is to help make these “open standards” the centre of future media landscape.

Wish List

We are looking for a programmer to re-skin the Democracy Player and to write a play list generator which will give Vision On the look and feel of Television.
A pot of cash to cover expenses and running costs.

We also need
Video producers - to produce films, trailers, promos, shows.
Content finders- we need people to search the net for shows and films we deserve a wider broadcast.
We need website updaters.