Monday, July 02, 2007

Geeky help for visionontv

I received an e-mail replying to our video asking for geek help, here is the reply with the name removed:

> Hello,
> I watched your plea for programmers (19.5.7) and have taken a peak at
> "Help Needed ". I can't claim to be an expert but
> I did wonder a few things...
> Why tie yourselves to the Democracy player (although also in beta
> testing, ACTLab TV promises to provide a playlist
> feature)?

Basically DP is simple and deals with RSS and torrents, but not simple anufe yet... have looked at ACTLab a few times over the last few years and never been able to work out what it is which isn’t a good sign (;

> Creating a "widget to place on friendly websites" is as simple as
> providing a URL for your feed. Do you actually want an RSS Publisher
> or do you fellow sites need an RSS
> Accumulator (feed on feeds, drupal, jboss portal...)?

Its got to be simple - a bit of java code? that people can just paste into there web sights - with out any programming knowledge and it will give them a graphical update on what’s on the channel and allow them to subscribe by RSS or democracy player.

> Why not use spiders to trawl the web for great videos (using keywords
> from editors or audience)? These robots may be awkward to recruit/
> train but they're pretty cheap labour!

To complex, its got to be simple and work now with out a long bug testing period - that’s why we are using real people (: they have been bug tested and kinda work - sometimes...

> Check SourceForge out for open source video editing.

I have it is ALL hopelessly complex, thus useless for what we need - simplicity.

> A speech recognition/ translation program would be pretty handy for the
> international language subtitles.

People are developing them and will use them when they are simple anufe.

> I'm not working on commission just curious!
> Thanks for the quality programming of the other variety.

Feel free to add any good content you find to the open publishing channel at: