Friday, July 06, 2007

Good film from the Camcorder Guerillas

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Health and Solidarity

Salud y Solidaridad Health and Solidarity
Scotland and the Zapatistas
Duration 21 mins English, Spanish with Subtitles PAL 4×3

Salud y Solidaridad explores how the Zapatistas in the rural Highlands of Chipas Mexico are twinned with solidarity groups in Scotland. The twinning supports the Zapatistas struggle for liberty, democracy and justice for all the indigenous people of Mexico.

Scottish Zapatista Solidarity Group support has provided materials to build a health centre and they now contribute to its running costs. The twinning has also established fair trade links between the Zapatistas in the 16 Febrero Autonomous Municipality and Scottish Solidarity groups who sell their crafts and coffee. They help support schools and craft collectives in over 40 indigenous villages.