Friday, August 10, 2007

Save the internet - and keep IPTV open

The is currently a battle to save the internet from being subdivided and destroyed by corporate interests. A large NGO campaign has been running in the US for more than a year:

Mainstream NGO campaign

More grassroots - The Death of The Internet? (this one has some of our video in)

Windows VISTA
It is not only the public internet that is being destroyed also the openness/accessibility of the computer in your home. IBM back in the early 1980's did an unusual thing by making the PC a open computer this corporate "oversight" is now being rectified. DRM which will servilely limited what can be done with computers in a few years time is being introduced now - this article covers the problems in the hart of Windows VISTA.

P2P and torrents
The is a concerted attack by ISP's on P2P and the bandwidth it uses, our TV system is based on P2P bittorrents.

A list of known bad ISP's in the UK

Some discussen on how to avoid ISP's blocking torrent traffic.

You pay for the bandwidth so you should be able to use it...

The problem is that the closing of the internet in happening NOW and we wont notice it till its over. The internet only came into being by being open. - and closing it will very likely kill it - the ISPs played no role in the creation of the internet why should we stand aside and let them kill it.

Its a huge technical challenge to close the internet, and one that is very likely to fail, so its an easy battle to win IF WE FIGHT IT before the damage is done.


mightygosh said...

That Windows Vista is very bad. It will erode your files. Don't buy that. You won't need it for about seven or eight years, heck...maybe more !

Hi Hamish. We met at Oarc during Caption. I've plugged your blog over on mine, at this entry !

mightygosh said...

ps. theres some free activist illustrations there that I cut out of my comics - totally shareware