Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Customized Miro V1.00 install with VisiononTV skin and configuration

Miro player is a GPL app currently in BETA testing near to launch (ver 0.98) The majority of the code is cross platform Python with platform specific front ends for Windows, OS X, and GTK/X11. The core of the GUI is written in cross platform HTML, with a native look and feel on each platform. Free software projects are used wherever possabel - VLC, Xine, Bit Torrent, and Mozilla just to name a few.

As a first step we need to customize the Miro Player app by making it less like a computer app and more like TV, we will start with the windows version.

The basic changes in UI for windows are:

* have a simple first interface. Take out the menus; left side channel bar and the search box in the default install view.

* Add a button "Guide" at the bottom corner that returns to the full Miro interface. You can get all the rich miro experience of interactive TV by clicking on this "Guide" button.

Thus as a default install you get a TV box with a VCR controls that starts a Channel template play list (to be written*) when you hit the Play-button.

Throughout the program skinning the Miro branding needs to have visionontv branding credits added to it.

- need to change the app name to visonontv

- need to add to the help in the menus to add a donation for visonontv link and a visionontv help option. Of course leaving full credits to PCF as the core developer.

- in preferences we need to tern on by default: the auto run and the bit torrent download speed limiter, reduce the number of simultaneous downloads to 6 all to minimise the performance impact of the application. Make the close option that of moving to icon tray. Increase the hardrive free to 5GB.

- the donation link in the menus needs to go to a visionontv page which will have a prominent link to the Miro donation page.

- we need to change the default channel guide to the visiononTV one and re-name the other to “World Guide”.

- Redirect the auto update feature to our web host.

- remove the “star” option as most of our content will be torrents and whount work in video boom which is pretty swamped with spam anyway.

- we need our channels installed by default into channel folders.

- Install that doesn’t ask you any questions except easy/full?

* the playlist scripting will come in the second version.