Monday, December 17, 2007

Outreaching alt-media - Miro

Miro is very good, we are using it as the base of our visionontv project - we had our own software development going on based on Azurease 2 years ago which we put to one side when PCF came along with Democracy Player.

Visionontv is Miro with a non-computer/geeky custom front end - the backed is all Miro - we dont change any of the fuctionalerty of the PCF project.

Our front end is currently in testing - the first open beta should be avalebal by the end of the week, but with xmus and party's it might slip to the new year (;

- lean back TV like expirence, swichabel to lean in TIVO like expirence (Miro UI)
- custom channel guide focusing on grassroots/direct action environmental and social change from an outreach prospective.
- easy install focusing on reducing the applications impact on computer resources.
- offline resources to facilertate public screenings and use of content in campaigns and community's.

Second version
- channel templateing/play listing to give easy TV look and feel.
- open meta-data standard to work towards the semantic web.
- real time embedded chat - linked to forums. Social networking to facilertat films connecting to campaigns and activist groups.
- sustainable by non-aspirational ethical/informative advertisements and sponsorship.

The project is, we hope, one of many easy to access views into the creative commons/RSS video soup - think of it as a golden ladeal that brings up tasty bite sizes morceals of what/were/why of social change in a fermilea excessabel TV like expirence, while still embodying all the interaction/complexerty of web2 when you feel the need for it.

We hope to inspire and enable other less tecky groups to copy/create simuler views and content streams - but for this to happen video needs to be posted in a good download format in a RSS feed - the crew is doing this and video activist cirecals are starting in this direction which is a good sign.

Lets add lots of good ingredient's to the RSS video soup, heat it up to a simmer and in a year or so it should be ready to eat, a semantic video soup might be very nourishing for the world.