Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A desushernal generation

The is a strong need "to believe" in self empowerment - this leads to much delusional thinking and worshiping amuncest the gullabel for Charlean's celutions to social problems and socially created illes both personal and political.

Alt-most things tend to fall into this category sadly, which increasingly is stifling the growth of any real alternative to the root couresase of the problems both personal and political.

Here is a youtube video which highlights the issues and the solutions here its from the 1970's but equally applys to the "911 truthers", most newageseams and alt-theripisam and other demoralizers of a better world.

The are a lot of really craze people out there, the is a lot of danger in the munteredness of irrationality - here is another one here

Were dosen "truth" lie today? were to find you feet, you could start with a diverstay of views http://visionontv.net