Thursday, February 28, 2008

Building with dirt - the facebook story

The resion facebook was such a success is in large part due to snobbery and hiracey – technology and UI all play there part but the are good ideas implemented in good ways with fantastical ideas by the bucket full (look back on the scobleshow to see this).

The resion for one company to dominate over all others usherly have a strong social part in it success. Facebook started in a elite institution and was only available in that institution – this created a feeling of exclusivity and value. It expanded then by riding this wave of statues down the social hiracky, one level at a time in till it reached the bottom and was opened up free for all. Each level in tern felt they had been allowed access to a higher statues club all the way down the line. Form a few thousand to a few million in a sign up cascade. Success built on hiracky and snobbery – it’s a dirty network – though very successful.

Food for thought and with food comes energy and energy action – can we build a clean network? There is a challenge for you all.