Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The social nature of VisionOnTV

Going to LIFT helped to get my mind in gear agen, I think a lot of the slowness of the project has been that people have seen it as technical, were actually it’s a social project which manifests using technology. This has been a constant soughes of friction, I have been explaining the social nature of the project and all they have been doing is taking the technical parts and trying to bodge them into there existing social view points. I constantly couldn’t understand how people didn’t get what I was trying to communicate, this was because they simply weren’t listening to what I was talking about.

“The core of the project has remand the same” I have constantly had to say while people look at me blank eyed and ask technical details as if they were the answers that they needed to understand.

* the web being digital has a fundamental different economy to bricks and mortar society

* human beings are inherently social, and the universal currency is the smile of friendship and the words of communication.

* thus much new value – the digital domain – escapes from the constraints of our current economic determinism.

*historically the web 1 seceded over all the old copurate internets because of the different economic model - digital domain - it allowed data to be free it was p2p as in people2people.

* corporations attempted to CLOSE this with the comeshilastion of the internet during the first bubble with mega portals and client server relationships. These attempts failed with the current death of DRM after billions of $ were spent on them.

* so called web2 “social networks” based on p2p value rapidly replaced these decaying portals, but these two are starting to fail as there closed arcetecter is still based on client server relationships, just better hidden from view.

* so called web2 is a re-manifestation of the original web which swept away the closed corporate data structers.

* corporations in a last ditch attempt are brining in governments and legislation to try and save there value, as much as they succeed they damage the societies they are a part of – save the internet campaign, DATA just won’t to be free, just as human beings do to talk and smile.

I hope the above helps to illustrate the technologies we are using RSS, torrents, p2p thinking, H264 are just the technologies that embody this social aspiration and that the values in such tec are fundamentally social. When am talking about VisionOnTV am talking about a social project that is embodied by some shifting technologies. If you don’t see the social side you will miss the value and effectiveness of the project.

Read back on the blog for some insights into the social nature/assumptions on the VisionOnTV project.