Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yahoo Videoblogging Group

> Wed Mar 5, 2008 10:09 am (PST)
> Yes - that is why i love it. We looked into extending Miro, but it
> ended up being just too time-consuming. Their co-branded service is
> nice too, but the thought of offering a separate Mefeedia/Miro version
> just didn't feel right from a technical perspective. It would be great
> if they had a plug-in architecture, like Firefox. I believe this is
> what they are planning to do for version 2.0, maybe even offer a
> Firefox plug-in version.

We have been extending MIRO the last year - we have a version at you can install - backup your channels if you install it over the old version of MIRO as it will over right them.

We have simplified the interface and added some extra functions to the UI, the back end is all standard MIRO. It comes with 15 outreach environmental and social change channels installed and a channel guide (work in progress) offering another 20-30 channels.

Hamish Campbell

Ps. am coming over to the USA for 3 months from April to meet up with the US video blogging communality and make content for our IPTV channel, get in touch (: