Sunday, April 13, 2008

The freedom of the internet is becoming a very open hot subject

The freedom of the internet is becoming a very open hot subject with some corporations closing down possibilities in the drive for profits and some opening up possibilities vier the dropping of DRM and opening up applications to user creativity.

Net neutrality is becoming a very hot subject, don’t get your broadband from Virgin Media in the UK “The new CEO of Virgin Media is putting his cards on the table early, branding net neutrality “a load of bollocks” and claiming he's already doing deals to deliver some people's content faster than others. If you aren't prepared to cough up the extra cash, he'll put you in the Internet “bus lane”.” Read More HERE

On the other hand the BBC’s quietly dropping of DRM is allowing a flowering of options for users of there content and will likely see an explosive growth of there outreach. “It's been a great week for the BBC's iPlayer project: The Beeb has just announced that the iPlayer is now attracting 550,000 daily views on average. The iPlayer is also now officially available on the Wii, making it the first streaming service by a major broadcaster on any of the three consoles.” Read More HERE

All corporate propriety systems for video on the web are looking like billion dollar white elephants with the growth of open standards. “The popular BitTorrent site Mininova is currently Beta testing BitTorrent powered video streaming. The new streaming feature allows users to watch videos instantly, streamed from .torrent files.” Read More HERE

After the failer of DRM our ISP are to become the corporate gatekeepers of what and how we can access the open web – which they won’t close to propup the current obsolete copurate structers – they will waist billion of $ agen when will they learn that digital information just wonts to be free – and has a different economy to the traditions world of scaesarty we have lived in for the last 300 years.

We move from the 18th century industrial revolution to the 21st century digital revolution – if our natural environment holds together we have are living in interesting times. Check out our IPTV channel for more info