Saturday, June 07, 2008

Why the social network part of VOTV will work

I have my doubts about if the is room for another social network, this combined with suspicions that activist paranoia will also count agent an activist network for security/state surveillance resions rases issues I will address here:

*We aren’t a social network when we start.

- we start out more like a fan sight, people come together around particular programs and program series. Added to this will be channels as subjects.

- we draw people in vier Live Chat and Forums imbedded in our player application (and webpage), to continue the conversations the viewers would then create a profile (bringing in the info from an existing social network – vier open social)

* We BECOME a social network around the connections we create, that is the connections come before the profile/social networking, this is how second generation social networks are growing, rather than the first generations such as Facebook which rely on you setting up an profile/account then building connections.

- we actively PUSH connections to create LINK opertunertys. This is done in a gentle but firm way.

- we use RSS in and RSS out to keep all our pages relevant to users. Thus we are social NETWOKED sight rather than a social designation sight. We are Plaxo/feedfind rather than facebook.

* Activist paranoia is a real problem as it is rooted in a very real fear of state/corporate surveillance.

- we have a prominent disclaimer.

- we keep servers and DATA secure

- we empower people to have control of there DATA ie they can login and change/edit/remove most information in our data base.

- we encourage a p2p darknet “plug-in” for the more secure communication – ie we step aside and allow them to communicate DARK stuff outside our official network BUT within our framework. This helps with legal problems for us two.