Saturday, July 05, 2008

It took me a while to work out why I didn’t like Zaproot

It’s because Zaproot is light greens selling supposedly ecological solutions.

Were we need to have a show of dark greens supposedly selling ecological solutions.

As neither show will be directly about the root courses – then at least the dark greens will have a more radical viewpoint on the eco-trash that is sold as solutions – so the under text of the show will be much more strong. Zaproot is candy floss for greens – we need to be butter glazed carrots – they are both sweet but one at its core has a root vegetable were the other just chemicals and industrial sugar.

Basically both are/will be money making shows – social change is secondary to cash potential – in this we shouldn’t be promoting other peoples money making – we should be promoting our own otherwise we are not sustainable.


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Raina Gustafson said...

Seemed very spastic - with a gratuitous use of bouncing transitions.