Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some thoughts

I just whont to touch on two subjects for VOTV that people need to think about.

Firstly is the centrality of RSS and "podcasting" to the project. We get told all the time that the future of the web video is streaming - think Youtube. This article from Mashable (one of the most successful social media blogs in the world) looks at this issue and concluded that if you arent doing RSS then "Bottom line - if you’re working with video online: by all means have a web strategy, but if you don’t understand podcasts and RSS, be prepared to fight with one hand tied behind your back." LINK

And an article about editorial issues - looking at Wikipedia "The bottom line, however, is that Wikipedia is an incredibly fast source of news on not only important events but also on a million little things such as the color of the lightsaber, and having to wait for editors to go through all that might make Wikipedia a bit dull. Hopefully, the final solution they come up with will manage to avoid that." LINK

That is two things that makes us different is RSS and creative editorial system.