Saturday, August 02, 2008

CC TV studio - embed

Make the player big, as the video is actually 800x480 in size so the bigger the better experience. The current embed we put out is the grassroots channel on VOTV were all the content from the Climate Camp will be broadcast – if you whont ONLY the stuff about Climate Camp then the is the option to replace the grassroots embed with this one. Up to you which one to use.

Sorry my blog takes out some of the code here, goto this link to find code

Climate camp TV studio is being hosted by over the week of the gathering. From Monday there will be practical workshops on how to make downloadable live-edited TV using low-cost equipment. You can get the low-down on how to add VOTV to your blog/website and watch it here

Sunshine permitting we hope to make two 30 minute chat shows a day and to upload a number of action/positive alternatives shorts. These will be broadcast via any website that embeds the TV widget, the main VOTV webpage, our VOTV player application and via the open source MIRO. The programs will also be broadcast on satellite in the US via Freespeech TV.

VOTV is a not-for profit internet TV station setup by and supported by ethical foundation funding. We will be launching the full service in December.