Friday, November 07, 2008

Cult Friction - Anti-Scientology demo in London

Cult Friction Anti-Scientology demo in London, May 2008 As part of the world wide anti-scientology protests the Church of Scientology in London saw two hundred V for Vendetta-masked up demonstrators hold a noise protest outside the scientology building in the square mile. Scientology has always had it's critics and it's only been recently that protesters under the umbrella name of "anonymous" have stepped up their activities and began to picket and publicly highlight the insidious way that this cult can ruin lives and destroy families. Just recently the Church of Scientology have began to fight back by steering a law through the courts that deems the word "Cult" arrestable if used by demonstrators. And would you believe it the City of London Police had no problems with implementing this barmy law to the latter....stupid cults!