Thursday, December 04, 2008

Corporate free streaming video is vanishing - Mogulus Pro

The have been a lot of resent closers and cut backs as free becomes less free in the video dotcom world. Now who will actually pay for these services interesting to see.

Mogulus Pro Launches: HD Quality, White Label, Privacy, Analytics & More Available Today

We're excited to tell you that Mogulus PRO is available today! We've been hard at work enhancing the Mogulus platform to respond to everyone interested in professional features, and we think it will be worth the wait.

Please take a minute to read through this email. There are some important changes happening along with the launch of Mogulus PRO that will affect every producer. Plus, there's a great offer at the end...

What is Mogulus PRO?

Mogulus Pro gives you the same great, industry-leading features and functionality that you now enjoy with your Mogulus FREE account - and more! We've added a bundle of new features geared toward professional producers, so you can have even more quality, control and flexibility.

Let's take a look at the Mogulus PRO features available upon launch:

Remove Ads

All PRO channels will automatically have our network overlay ads removed, so you're in full control of the user experience.

Make Money

Use supported ad networks to monetize your content by integrating overlay ads from ScanScout or Google AdSense for Video.

Analyze Stats

Detailed analytics on your PRO channels including statistics on viewer minutes, unique viewers, channel usage, content, embedded players, referrers, and more.

Privacy Options

Remove your channel from the Mogulus Program Guide and Mogulus Grid, and even restrict the websites that can embed your channel.

High-Quality Streaming

PRO channels can opt to broadcast HD-quality streams (up to 1.7 mbps) with On2 VP6 encoded media transcoded on our servers.

Wide-Screen Format

PRO channels can also customize format to broadcast in standard (4:3), wide-screen (16:9), or even cinema (2.39:1).

White Label Player

PRO channels can remove the Mogulus logo and all Mogulus-related links from the Player for completely self-branded user experience.

PRO Terms of Use & SLA

PRO channel owners retain all rights to their broadcast content, with very favorable terms, and a Service Level Agreement that gives you the guarantees you need.

There are many more PRO features and improvements under development, including scheduled programming, APIs, and additional options to monetize your content, including integration of more advertising networks and self-managed campaigns.

Mogulus PRO Plans & Pricing

Mogulus PRO plans will be based on the number of PRO channels you need, and how much storage and bandwidth you use. There will be two plans available upon launch:

PRO-1 ($350 per month)

  • 1 Pro Channel
  • 25 GB / mo storage included (overage at $1.50 / GB)
  • 25 GB / mo bandwidth included (overage at $1.50 / GB)

PRO-10 ($1,250 per month)

  • 10 Pro Channels
  • 200 GB / mo storage included (overage at $1.00 / GB)
  • 200 GB / mo bandwidth included (overage at $0.80 / GB)

All users with PRO plans can continue creating FREE channels anytime, just as you do today. If you do have a PRO plan, now you can simply set the channels you choose to "PRO" (up to the number of channel slots available in your plan).

How Much Would it Cost to Go PRO for Your Channel?
Launch Estimator

Learn More and buy a plan today

Purchasing a PRO plan will be easy. When we launch, there will be an easy, self-service interface on our website that lets you pick a plan, enter your credit card, and start using PRO features immediately.

What Does This Mean for Current FREE Producers?

First, don't worry. You can keep using Mogulus the way you always have without any big difference in the way you use Mogulus today. We want to make sure this a smooth transition.

That said, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • All FREE channels will now have ads. You will need to purchase a PRO plan in order to remove ads. By placing ads on FREE channels, we can continue offering you all of the features you love about Mogulus, for FREE!
  • For users that already have ads disabled on existing Free channels, we offer a 2 week grace period before we begin displaying overlay ads on your channels.
  • Users who want PRO features can finally have them! We've listened to thousands of feature requests in developing Mogulus PRO, and we hope you're as excited about it as we are.

Special Promotion for Beta Users

For those of you that have been patiently waiting for Mogulus Pro, we have two special offers if you sign up now:

  • The first ten (10) users that buy a Pro-1 plan get 1,000 GB of free bandwidth or storage - your choice ($1,500 value)

  • The first ten (10) users that buy a Pro-10 plan get 10,000 GB of free bandwidth or storage - your choice ($8,000 value)

We will confirm the winners via email to the first 10 who sign up for each plan. Winners can select which they prefer -- free storage or free bandwidth -- and we will add a credit to their account by the end of the month.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more news on Mogulus PRO, and enhancements to the entire Mogulus platform.

Thank you,

— The Mogulus Team