Thursday, December 04, 2008

The is a G8 Genoa Screen group going round the UK


Images and footage from the 2001 demonstrations in Genoa went all around
the world, from police vans attempting to run down lone demonstrators to
the pictures of Carlo Giuliani after a Carabinieri officer had murdered

The reconstruction of these events has taken place in the Italian courts
during the many trials that have occurred over the last seven years.
Some demonstrators have suffered severe penalties, amounting to 110
years of sentences. At the same time many police officers have been
accused of offences ranging from attempted murder to abuse of office and
false testimony.

The offices of the Genova Legal Secretariat have been set up to aid the
lawyers accusing police officers and defending demonstrators. Their task
has mainly revolved around the reconstruction of video and photographic

The film OP Genova is one of the results of this work and has been used
to defend the demonstrators accused of devastating and looting the city.
It also provides many insights into the way public order was mismanaged
by the police during the demonstrations.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion with some of the
film makers about the making of the film and the legal aftermath of
Genova's counter-summit.

*Fri 5 Dec*
10h30 – 12pm Press Conference in 33 Corsham Street, London N1 6DR
7pm on Dissident Island Radio

*Sun 7 Dec*
6h30 pm Kebele Community Cooperative – Bristol
14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY

*Tu 9 Dec*
7pm Pogo Cafe: 76 Clarence Road, Hackney, London E5 8HB

*Wed 10 Dec*
7pm Larc 62, Fieldgate Str. Whitechapel, London E1 1ES 020 7377 9088

probable screening in 56abookshop