Sunday, December 21, 2008

TEMPLATE for Urgent Action Alerts

TEMPLATE for Urgent Action Alerts

You need two things – enough still pictures and a voice-over script.

Write a voice-over of 3 sentences only.

1. The situation (the news) – who, what, where

2. The background

3. What the viewer can do

Total duration of text: NOT MORE THAN 30 seconds

For more advice on writing / editing voiceover, click here.

Open any audio or video editing software, e.g.

Adobe Audition or free software Audacity and record the voice-over using a microphone in a quiet space (hiding under a duvets really useful if neaserery)

Import this track and the relevant channel music track (see downloads) into the software, and combine them.

Let the music play for 5 seconds or so before bringing the voice-over in. Let the music play out for at least 7 seconds after the voice-over stops.

Make sure the music is not too loud and that the voice can be heard clearly.

Make an mp3 of this edited soundtrack.

Open up animoto. Place your stills in the order you want them, starting with the Urgent Action Alerts graphic, and ending with an appropriate visionOntv end credit. The still before last should be the website of the campaign, which you should make in animoto text.

(You will need 7-10 still photos, in addition to the 2 visionOntv graphics at beginning and end and the website text graphic).

Mix the animation, make any adjustments (adding or removing stills or moving them around) and re-mix until you are happy. Download the result. Send us the link or email us the video so that we can check it and upload to the correct channel.

TEMPLATE for Short News Reports

As above, except for these differences:

3 sentences

1. What happened, where, to or by whom

2. Background info

3. What may happen in the future

Total voice-over duration: 30 seconds

If you have any difficulties writing the voice-over text, feel free to take it from a copyleft source such as indymedia or campaign websites.

Inside animoto, everything as above, except the first still is “visionOntv news”, and the animoto text before the final graphic is “for more info + website”