Monday, February 09, 2009

Undercurrents in the Press

'Independent media consultants at non-profit group Undercurrents worked with a firm of British solicitors and have used software and techniques that previously did not exist to enhance existing and some newly discovered video footage'.BBC News

Red Pepper (review of Mark Thomas Comedy DVD)
'This DVD is a must see for those with a taste for progressive politics and cutting edge comedy'

Permaculture magazine
' Excellent compilation of radical films by women' (review of Broad Horizons)

Ethical Consumer
"undercurrents...covering issues the mainstream fails to report...this is the stuff that history is made of!"

No Logo, Naomi Klein.
'Inspiration from watching footage from faraway [street] parties which is circulated through activist video networks, such as Oxford based Undercurrents'

Big Issue on Mark Thomas DVD
'genuinely spiky, challenging and entertaining viewing'

New Internationalist
' sizzling with cheeky radicalism......It’s radical, it’s not for profit, and it’s damned good'

Time out
"The news you don’t see on the news"

"shockingly direct filming"

Big Issue London
" Undercurrents is running courses on how activists can use video effectivley. The courses encourage people to think why they are filming in the first place"-

Big Issue Cymru
"Their use of domestic camcorders enables them to film where the networks can’t or won’t"

BBC Wildlife Magazine
"compulsory for those who write off the grassroots green movement as a bunch of unthinking anarcho dropouts"

IOV - Official publication of the Institute of Videographers -
"Undercurrents is sure to be a winner with those who are looking for more than just the mainstream news service offered by the broadcaster"

Camcorder User
"Undercurrents proves that if the mass media won’t cover environmental and social issues properly, someone with a camcorder will"

"video networking does more than just reach the converted....spreading the word via the image.....Undercurrents is simply the most media-sussed manifestation of this activity"

Morning Star
'cramped but tidy office is packed with their weapons of revolt - a number of cameras hang from pegs, shelves are stocked with campaigning DVDs'

Camcorder User
" video footage, shot in front of the police lines has been seen on national tv news, helping to promote the activists side of the story"

New Scientist
"frontline reports from around the world....puts you in their own pictures as well as words...great for armchair revolutionaries."

The Guardian
"Undercurrents is good news for British media ....shows the angles television news misses..essential viewing...Shocks, informs and exposes"

John Pilger
"Undercurrents work is vital because in an age of media conformity, we need to hear more and more dissenting voices"

The Independent
"Compelling viewing"

Danny Schechter, Author of The More you Watch, The Less You Know.
"We need Undercurrents in the overcurrents, we need this kind of coverage routinely in the news"

Frank Fisher, Production Editor, Internet Manager, Index on Censorship-
"For 25 years Index has been cataloguing censorship and constraints on free expression throughout the world, yet right here in our own backyard censorship is flourishing - corporate gaggings, police targeting of journalists, a dumbed-down and blinkered news media; all of these things conspire to keep the truth hidden. And all of these forces for censorship have been exposed, relentlessly, by Undercurrents. They genuinely do report the news that others don't, and they report it with immediacy, veracity and a certain mischievous glee. The journalist Jon Snow once described Index on Censorship as a beacon around which hope and freedom rally; when we look out towards Undercurrents we see another beacon flickering back."

Times educational supplement (TES)
"Since the only filming equipment is a video camera undercurrents journalists are highly mobile to cover breaking stories..the video succeeds in getting otherwise overlooked images to a public that is used to getting its news from centralised and tightly controlled sources"

Tony Benn, MP
"I think Undercurrents is doing a marvellous job - you provide what we don’t see in the media, and with that little box of tricks you can beat Rupert Murdoch, CNN and NBC - and you’ve got to do it!"

Howard Mark, former Drug smuggler
"The news the bastards don’t want you to see"

Times educational supplement (TES)
"Reporting from a committed environmental perspective undercurrents is not constrained by the same requirements of balance as BBC or ITN news’ ‘if social action campaigners are arming themselves with video cameras it could soon mark a whole new meaning to the phrase "You’ve been framed"

The Law
"in this age of media power its control by the few and influence upon the many, news service such as undercurrents play an increasingly important part in informing the public as to what is really going on out there"

"films which bring you the news you will never see on the BBC"

i-D magazine
"shot on camcorders by empowered individuals and campaign groups it draws together footage of grassroots protest right across the country"

Daily Mail-
"uses scores of activists to provide footage for carefully edited videos entitled undercurrents"

London cyclist-
"undercurrents takes the pulse of the dynamic non violent protest movements in Britain and beyond"

Mariella Frostrup, Presenter of ITV’s little picture show reviewing undercurrents
" The rise of the camcorder means that people everywhere have access to news gathering equipment and can use it to record, harass and incriminate"

PACT magazine
"when the media can’t see a story, protesters make their own images"

The Guardian
"undercurrents is teaching activists how to deal with the media and how to use camcorders to their best effect"

Independent on Sunday
"undercurrents pick up on events that the news industry wouldn’t find cost effective to cover"

Time out
" If you don’t think the news represents your views film your own footage and flog it- that’s the motto of the undercurrents camcorder activists who are taking over TV"

New Statesman
" undercurrents is running workshops on using cameras..this is ingenious DIY culture at