Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our subject embeds for visionOntv

This embed code will simply work on 90% of websites. Just paste it in where you want it to appear.

The embed is also very adaptable:

- you can change the size by changing the numbers in the supplied code

- we can change the colour etc at our end. Just let us know.

- Video is mostly posted at 800x480 pixels, so it is best to make the video embed window as large as you can to take advantage of the quality of video we stream. If you are going to embed it on the homepage, then a smaller setting is probably best. If you are going to link off the homepage to another page for the embed, we would recommend making the embed the full width of your website. Change the numbers in the embed code to make this happen.

The videos in the embed will all be high-quality, editorially-selected films appropriate to the tag you have chosen. for some of the embed codes.