Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video Blogging vs Citizen Journalism?

Good post from richardhering "Given that our proposal to the Open Video Conference in New York 19-20 June was sidelined, how big is the gap between citizen journalism/alt-news (which we represent) and video blogging (which OVC represents)? I think they should be closer, sisters in the creation of an alternative media. From one side the problem is the failure of citizen journalism/alt-media to create consistent quality content (we've got solutions for that - fast turn-around production templates.) From the other side is the problem of video blogging not escaping its individualistic nature and building communities. So come on guys, we're all in this together!"

I had a hope that the Open Video Conference would be just that, the opening out/up of video, but it seams to be just a continues of something that is much like the "activist ghetto". Come on guys we need to replace thoughts roting institutions called TV with something as far reaching, as one stream in the Open Video future we all strive for. Were are:


Just to highlight a few, not to mention the http://visionon.tv project, video blogging, like the world is NOT non-political, were is the political stream in the Open Video Conference?