Wednesday, July 08, 2009

G20 Fashion Special

The G20 protest is no anti-war march where everyone (more-or-less) knows what theyre there for. It is a confused affair - perhaps as confused as the hodge-podge of world leaders that make it up. At least with the G8 you knew your enemy - the same rich white men (plus a few Asians) that have been screwing over the planet since way back in the dizzle. This time we had the likes of Argentina and India thrown into the mix - the very same countries that have previously been screwed over by said rich white men and the deregulatory agendas that now have us all drowning in debt.

This confusion was reflected on the streets and although you had your stalwart anarchists that knew exactly what they were there for (smashing the old bill/bankers) most protesters were rightly angry, but a little directionless. Many people we spoke to didnt really know who the G20 were and what they were meeting about.

As such the event became as much a cultural phenomenon and social gathering as a demonstration over some very important, world changing issues. This was reflected in articles like this in Vice which completely ignored the issues and the fact that we found two people down there who were working for a marketing company doing research for brands. They were interviewing the different tribes and asking them what they were wearing in order to give a speech to their corporate daddies later that day. TRUE!

So here is our G20 Fashion Special. Dont hate us, hate the society that made us.