Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Actavist's can use youtube to talk to corporations

It can get realy messy when engaging corporations in there own media - lets look at a corporate youtube debate.

The normal outcome is that the the deabe page (the corpurtes controlled account) page gets LOTS of Google juice and links for every mainstream story that the activist group push. Ie. the media activist make the PR green wash site much more visible and relevant.

This can be avoided by posting to one of there own active sites and using video reponses to do the conversation and using the a youtube groups as the viercal for disscuern – then the majority of media links (and googal juice) would flowed there – and correspondently the greenwash site would benefited much less for the exposher generated.

Its key to never uploded the videos directly to the greenwash site were they will be hosted on there account and out of activists hands.

If this happens you end up with splitting the comments between actavist site and greenwash site – ie. all the comments on grresite will be slaging off the videos and all the comments on our site will be supporting the videos. And the mainstream will link to there site so will look bad for us.

* At this stage probably better to let it go, but feel we need to make a decision weather we whont to continue to empower there site as the center of discussion thus increasing what was an irrelevant voice into a real tool for them.

Hard to know what to its best not to feed the enemy.