Friday, October 23, 2009


We noticed while producing our recent films highlighting MPs expenses claims how the BNP were trying to hijack the issue for their own gain.

Clearly there is a lot of anger over all sorts of things the bank bailout, expenses, Iraq etc etc. But voting in a bunch of fascists is definitely not the answer. Nevertheless the BNP have been worryingly effective to this end, taking advantage of peoples disillusionment with the mainstream parties. The European elections take place this Thursday and its possible that the BNP could return up to four seats.

The reason this is a possibility is because, under the watchful eye of their leader Nick Griffin, they have carefully rebranded themselves so it looks like their not racists, when really theyre racists.

We contacted the BNP, pretending to be sympathetic media students that wanted to make a film showing the positive side of the party after the slating they have been getting in the press. They seemed a little suspicious, but we rocked up with the camera anyway and spent the day filming them canvassing various areas around Essex. The BNP dont really seem to understand how camera equipment works and when they thought we werent filming, they would show their true colours.