Monday, May 10, 2010

FAQ "mobile media machine"

I get asked this question a lot

You need a video camera that records in a standard editable format

* DV is still by far the best format and can be edited on just about any computer at low cost and hassle. HDV cameras can record in DV.

* HDV, AVCHD and H264 formats need a new computer or powerful laptop to edit – only go this way if you have/are willing to buy a powerful/new computer.

The are many other video formats, with widely variable quality and most importantly ability to edit – avoid these if your not shore what you are doing.

The original question that sparked this post off.

> From: ******

> Subject: mobile media machine

> To: *****

> Date: Sunday, 9 May, 2010, 15:15


> OK, not much time there may be a better deal out there but this is

> what I have come up with.


> netbook £200


> digital camera (HD !) £130



> mobile connection is tricky, most are 18 month contracts (with

> credit checks), and I don't want you getting stung on the last 6

> months paying for it out of your own pocket/into debt again.


> rolling monthly contract



> £200

> £130

> £180 (£15x12months)

> ---------

> £510


> sorry,over budget by a tenner, I can get a lesser camera to bring

> the price down but the one in the selection is awesome.

Here is my two penny's worth:

The netbook doesn’t have much umpf for editing and won’t edit the HD H264 video from the flip camera well.

The flip camera has no image stabilisation and no external mic input so you will end up with very shaky video with bad sound.

On balance this level of tec holds no advantage over your current i-phone video, use that, but take the time to learn how to use it. What's lacking isn’t technology, rather its basic video techniques and video story telling skills. read the mobile phone template, read it agen, then print it out and have it in your pocket and take it out and work your way through it when you are shooting - spend a day on this, repeating till perfect.

Hamish xxx