Friday, June 18, 2010

Balloon Power

This 5 minuet clip is an excerpt from a longer documentary which started in January 2010 and is a work in progress. During a 2 week workshop at London's Tate Modern entitled 'Disobedience Makes History' (labofii) which was discussing the links between art and civil disobedience. The gallery attempted to censor the content and police the course. Incensed by the hypocrisy and passionately moved to speak out against sponsorship by BP, the participants made a series of art interventions aimed at opening debate on this issue and encouraging Tate to drop BP by 2012 in time for the opening of Tate Modern 2. Film by Sharon Salazar/sound by the bad sound faery/music by Phill Garwood/music by Carbon Town Cryers/dobroide sea waves/inchandney clifftop seabirds/robinhood underwater bubbles/the freesound project.