Monday, August 16, 2010

embed for climatecampTV


The 4th UK Camp for Climate Action is due to run in Edinburgh, Scotland from 21-24 August, where the principal target for direct action protest will be the Royal Bank of Scotland, because of its financing of climate-change-fuelling projects such as the exploration of the Canadian Tar Sands. (see for more information).

We are inviting you to add an embed to your site or blog for all the latest video news from the Climate Camp. Climate Camp TV will be operating throughout the Camp, producing discussion shows in its unique wind- and solar-powered TV studio inside the Camp itself, and regular video news reports from the heart of the protest action. The embed already contains 50 or 60 films, and will update automatically with films as they are posted during the Camp and beyond.

The embed code is here:

Please let us know that you have embedded it, and we will direct traffic to your site through social media and valid links.

For any further information, please email us.

Many thanks