Sunday, September 26, 2004

It'll market itself.

Specifically, it'll market itself because it's a kewl blog; the 'A-list' bloggers just love to link to other blogs. For example, Indymedia (a blog, in effect) gets frequent mentions in blogs. And rather a lot of bloggers are politically left-of-centre, if not exactly anarchist. And tech-bloggers will blog it mercilessly - BoingBoing would go for it hook, line and sinker.

So you do it like this:

  1. Set up a proper blog using a free blog-server, like (Google). Do this now. I can set it up, if you like. In fact I will, and with your permission, it's called "BeyondTV". I'm not a very fluent writer; send me copy, I'll fix it up for spelling, and post it. I'll also post my own stuff, which will mainly be be of a
    technical nature. At least initially. I'm talking about a prose blog - not a video blog, not yet.

  2. Start blogging quietly away - just a mainly-private journal for the alpha-testers. We need at least one article per day - doesn't matter if it's "What I had for breakfast". This is important, because pages that change frequently get more attention from the Google spider.

  3. Post links to other blog-articles that mention related technology - the bloggers that write those articles *will* notice that you've done this, because when you blog someone else's blog using proper blogging software, they get a notification - and usually that results in a trackback link being added automatically to the article. This is good - that trackback link is a link that Google uses to increase your page-ranking. And since the original blogger is manifestly interested in the subject, he will probably start monitoring the BeyondTV blog.

  4. When you're ready to fire on all cylinders (and not before!), add a link to the video-feed on the blog's home-page, and announce the product on the blog.

  5. Post an announcement of the release (with link) to Indymedia global, and send an email to BoingBoing, Slashdot, and any other tech blog with a history of blogging cool technology developments, with a link to the Indymedia announcement *and* to the feed. And email influential RSS lists, like RSS-DEV (I'm a subscriber). Also email tech journals such as Wired, and internet freedom advocates such as EFF, Larry Lessig etc. Be prepared to be heavily slashdotted.

We won't need to do any more than this - if we keep our powder dry until it can be mass-released safely, the powder will just explode. And it won't just be a "puff" of market-droid hot air.