Sunday, September 26, 2004

Money and Sustainability – Business Plan

The project is launched on enthusiasm and archive work. This will take us through version 1-2.

  • in version 3 NGO’s can each have a “channel”; they would pay for consultation/setup and training to do this. There would be no charge for the actual channel itself.

  • In version 4 we have ethical advertising, corporate advertising and pay per-view.
    - This would work at different users levels tied to program content. The levels would be based on ethics and ability to pay.

  • At the core of advertising would be an independent relationship between the program producer and the advertiser. The channel would take a small cut for facilitating the relationship.

  • Users can exercise choices about what level of advertising they except, from no adverts to ethical adverts to the full corporate onslaught – as content will be tied to adverts some, content will be not be available to people. Thus users who choose no adverts will not receive the more commercial Hollywood content. This advertising revenue will only work if we implement Digital Rights Management. This outreach to the mainstream will allow much wider distribution of the channel outside the activist and NGO ghettos.
  • It is quite likely that in practices the Digital Rights Management software will fail leading to a melt-down in mainstream media production and distribution. With the possibility of new ways of supporting the production and distribution of audio-visual media, news, documentary and comedy being developed.

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