Saturday, October 23, 2004

The importance of locality and openness

Its not a ghetto project it’s a universal TV channel that entwines the alternative and the mainstream. Everywhere you can have a local channel, if people add content good if not it doesn’t matter. Community channel, church channel, school channel. The key thing would be local and nich channels. Its a killer app. Minority interests are key... model airplanes, climbing, surfing, squatting, local sports, university TV, community archive projects, social enterprise grants, youth projects, trainspoters, monster truck rallies, DIY music videos, holiday shows, consumer shows.

As initially all content will be creative commons (copy-left) then the good stuff will be copied from the minority channels onto the more popular "quality control" channels. With many channels we can start to automate the choices of content by upping the quality of any video that is featured on lots of channels.
Its open at the bottom and open at the top, the only differences between the two will be the care and skill of the producers to say weather a channel will be at the “top” or at the “bottom”. I suppose the motto is “stop trying to control everybody and let those who wont to get on and build things”. Anarchism is not some bureaucratic system were every dissension has to go to a meeting. Its OPEN to creativity, and resistant to control.