Friday, October 22, 2004

DRM and distractions

This project is designed to be revolutionary in the senses that it will work rather than in the uherwell revolutionary senses that it is rhetoric or the blind leading the blind into a brick wall. The is no question that video is a very expensive way of communicating, qulerty TV a huredusly expensive and affective way of communications. The money has to come from some were otherwise we are playing in the sand pit with all the other "revolutionaries".

The "stupidly simple" TM concept behind this project that the money will come from every sources possible to the medium, non-will be band, thus the need for the plug-in technology - it is then up to and incureaged, for 3ed party's to build these revenue streams.

  • open free TV for every one who wants it
  • mixed with Hollywood pap if they stomach the ads
  • pay to view for the seriously kinky or non-tec affluent
The one for me that will win out the race is the open and free as with pear-review and thousands of people producing it it will be much more interesting. Why pay for something when you can have it for free, how things are "payed for" in this world I for one don't know and am eager to find out (create!).

Lets stop getting fixated on something that doesn't appear till version 4 and get on with version one (:

iska is doing the grafics
Tom, Mick and cambridge hamish are seting up trackers
Jack is makeing the playing app more robust (java?)
Hamish (ox) is back from the ESF and working on playlist and tital segments